Thank you

Special Thanks To All Our Volunteers who contributed their time and talent to make the Quilt Barn Trail of Old Mission Peninsula a success, and, a reality. They all had a wonderful sense of the importance of our past displayed through quilts on our historic barns. It was truly a community project.

Alcona Quilt Barn Project - director Cindi Van
Hurk - Initial contact and adviser
Behr Paint Company - Donated paint
Brothers Tree Service - Installed quilt squares
Ann Brydges - Layout of quilts, and painting
Samantha Tengelitsch - Devoted painter/writer
Tina Tank - Recruited Volunteer, and funding
Julie Avery - MSU Museum consultant
The TCHS Youth Corp. - building and painting
Eric Olsen - Quilt Installation and placement
Carl Johnson - Everything!
Bob Russell - video production
Christy Baum
Tracey Kukla-Aleshire
Stacia Tengelitsch
Tina Tank
Donna Hoppe
Diane Hoffman
Elizabeth Wolterink
Samantha’s daughters -- Lucy, Kennedy and Ava.

And of course, all the quilt barn owners who worked on their own, and for others, to get this project
complete especially Carl Lehto and Barb Springer.

Generous Donations for this brochure gratefully received from:
Michigan Barn Preservation Network
The David Kelly family
The Gray/Springer family
Donna D. Hoppe
Women’s History Project of Northwest Michigan
Peg Jonkhoff (in honor of Tina Tank for love of sustaining community history)
Peninsula Market on Old Mission Peninsula

For much more information on all the barns mentioned please refer to Barns of Old Mission and Their Stories, by Evelyn Johnson.